Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New York City Trip

I just wanted to show you the card I tucked inside Phillip's bag before he left for his trip to NYC this weekend. He actually opened it and found a nice surprise inside, some spending money!!! He had a great time. I picked him up late last night and, being the mean Mom that I am, made him go to school today!!! Apparently not a lot of sleep was gotten!!! Saturday they went to The Lion King on Broadway (I am soooooo jealous!) and everybody loved it. Sunday he went to Madison Square Gardens for the Rangers/Flyers hockey game. He was so into the game (mind you, we are big Pittsburgh Penguin fans, he was even wearing his Pens shirt!), he threw his hat out onto the ice when the Rangers' player scored a hat trick. Monday morning was The Today Show where he met and shook hands with Ann Curry, got a quick hit on TV, and even got a wave from Matther McConehay. They went to all the other sites too throughout their time there like Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, NBC Studios, Wall Street, and even 5th Avenue. Gotta love geeky teenage boys, the highlight of their 5th Ave. shopping was The Apple Store!!! This trip was with his Marketing class and very well organized. Next trip is a field trip with his Spanish class next month to the ballet and a Mexican restaurant! I don't remember having all these fun trips when I was in high school!!!


Stacy Morgan said...

Very cool. Sounds like he had a great time too.

mulberry station said...

I really, really like this card, Linda. It is so fun to visit New York.