Friday, August 7, 2015

Enjoy the Little Things

This is a sentiment I really should live by, but it never seems to work!! Always rushing here and there, trying to fit 200 things into one day that you know you'll never get done, so it just carries over to tomorrow! I need to go back to the beach because slowing down and enjoying the little things was definitely our motto!

My simple card makes use of the cute snail from the Goin' Buggy set from Imagine That. The sentiment is from Goin' Buggy Sentiments (so fun!) and the paper is from Goin' Buggy Digi Papers (totally adorable!). I knew I wanted to add the dash lines to represent his travel path, but do you think I could find a fine tip black marker that worked?!! Of course not!!! The dashes didn't come out as dark as I had wanted but I still got them in.

Check out the Customer Link Up challenge as well as the Digi of the Month challenge, all on the Imagine That Blog. You'll be glad you did!