Saturday, May 21, 2011

Using Those Scraps!

Yep, the background is nothing but scraps!! I followed along with a video over at GinaK Designs' Stamp TV to create this and will do many, many more of them I'm sure! I wanted to keep the card super simple so the background can be seen. I used a pre-colored digital from Clear Dollar Stamps called Spring Violets. I added a few highlights with Copic markers as well as yellow Stickles to the flower centers.

Time to get some lunch together. Phillip (my oldest) is home from work and no doubt hungry! Aren't all 15 year old boys?!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.


Stacy said...

WOW! All scraps! Awesome, I usually end up throwing mine away when they become overwhelming! This is lovely! I have always thought this image was beautiful. I did attempt sewing on my card, but as you saw, though you are far to kind to say, I used three diff. stiches and had a few skipped stiches here and there....maybe someday mine will look half has good as yours :D
have a great weekend!

Paula S. said...

Great job with this card! I've used this technique before and have been pleasantly surprised with the results myself. The paper-pieced flower pot is a nice touch too.