Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hello and Happy Wednesday. I wanted to share with you today a fun card I made using the fabulous Fresh Brewed Designs rubber stamp Hello. I remember as a little girl having a pink plastic phone to play with...nowadays, kids have the real thing!!! Ooops, guess I'm telling my age...OLD!! And let me tell you something else, I think that was the only thing pink I played with too!! My Mom thought it was wonderful having a girl, but the only problem was, I was so far from girlie!!! Growing up I couldn't wait to get rid of the pink walls and ruffles and butterfly bedspread from my room. My, my, how I do digress. I created my own background on this card with all these telephone die cuts. Just trying to keep it simple - hehehe!!

Just posting a reminder of our Fresh Brewed Designs rubber stamp release and blog hop Jan. 19-21. Sure hope you can make it.


Barbara Thompson said...

Love that background you created! I had a little pink phone as well! Didn't every little girl?

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Love the girlie card. I remember when the "princess" phone came out. I wanted it so bad, but needless to say....I didn't get it. I wasn't girlie at all, but oh how my mom tried. I appreciate how she kept trying...haha I would get dolls for Christmas, I wanted my brother's wood burning set. Where it the phone die from? Marvelous idea doing that!

Dawn @ LilyPinkScraps said...

Very cute card - love how you did the background with the phone shapes as well, too clever :)

Glenda Atkins said...

Phone, background and sentiment, all perfect for each other! I was the girly type of girl,loved all thing girly:O)

Heather said...

LOL - what a sweet and fun post!
I was ALL Girl with some things such as baby dolls, barbies, puppies, kittens, stuffed animals and wanting to wear high heels and make up ... but I was also ALL Tomboy and wanted to dig in the mud, throw rocks, climb trees, get lost in the woods. I just sit here and smile as I reminisce about the times my brother, sister and I shared.

I know.. all I hear from my little miss is "when do I get a phone? All of my friends have one!" My answer is when you get a job or start driving and actually NEED one. She is not too fond of that idea, but doesn't complain. she lets out a sigh and keeps on going :) hehehe!!!

I ADORE this card! I love the die cut phones you added and the soft pink. It is sort of CAS And sort of not with all of those die cuts. It really is awesome!!! And I must try that with my dies sometime. LOVE the phone! Gotta find that!!!

Thank you for the inspiration.
Sending lots of big girly hugs :)